Engage Your Audience. What does everyone have with them at all times? Their keys, credit card and Phone. Give your audience the ability to act on information immediately, while it's still fresh in their mind. Capture detailed analytics including phone numbers, dates and times. This information can now be used for follow up and/or future marketing campaigns.

The Numbers Prove It. In the US last year, over 1.56 trillion text messages were sent. Thats more than 4.1 billion messages per day!

Texting is Faster. Texting is faster than finding a website, or contacting a telephone operator. Over 94% of text messages are opened and read immediately upon receipt.

How is Mobile Advertising Used?

  • Social and Political Campaigns
  • Business Professionals
  • Retail Product and Services
  • Real Estate
  • Sales Representatives
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Education

Texting is Convenient. No need to return to your computer. Almost anywhere people have access to information on their phone via text message. Over 80% of all wireless subscribers use text messaging and over 50% have unlimited text plans.

Texting vs Social Media. Facebook may have a huge user base at over 500 million users, but text messaging has 3.2 billion users and is steadily climbing. Texting has also eclipsed email which only has 1.3 billion users. This is something that cannot be missed out on!

Prevalent in Almost Every Age Group. 24% of the text messages in the US are from 10-25 year olds; 25% are from 24-35 year olds; and 50% are from over 35 years olds; 66% of the people between the ages of 30-49 use text messaging.


The Easiest Thing You'll do Today

With mobile Advertising keywords, you will be able to engage and interact with your customers like never before. It’s so Simple we can have you setup with your own keyword and text message reply in minutes, for only $10 a month.  Then you will be able to instantly deliver information directly to mobile phones. 

While delivering your message you can include anything from Images, logos, videos, quote requests, maps, and much, much more bring everyone to your mobile site.  For a complimentary review of your needs, please contact us or see package pricing by clicking here.


Your Audience is Mobile, Your Message Should be Too. Let us help you explore the possibilities.