What is Bluetooth Proximity Marketing?

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing is an opt-in permission based method of delivering files to cell phones, PDAs, laptops and other Bluetooth enabled devices within 300 feet of our Bluetooth broadcast point. Full color attention grabbing ads are delivered to Bluetooth enabled devices. For a complimentary review of your needs, please contact us now!


How Effective is Bluetooth Marketing?

Combined with what we refer to as "best practices" of making the user aware that something valuable is available via Bluetooth in the local area, we see acceptance rates as high as 40% compared to PPC or Direct Mail campaigns. This is a far better overall return and substantially more cost effective.

What Does Your Company Offer?

Write Proxi Units are all designed to be managed remotely via our central data center where the broadcast campaigns can be created and assigned to your locations, we can update a single location or large masses of locations quickly to deploy an ad change in literally minutes. We also offer instant reporting of your campaign in real time via the web with lower level login.