Make Your Work Structures Work For You

Write Ad Poles guarantee to turn heads! Integrate larger than life displays with high visibility locations and low CPI rates. Place brands or products exactly where they need to be, right in front of decision makers. For a complimentary review of your needs, please contact us now!

You Think It Up, We Make it a Reality

Write Ad Poles feature line of sight advertising. This marketing strategy ensures that all shoppers will encounter an ad-wrapped pole as they drive into the lot, circle around for a parking space and walk to and from their vehicle.

  • Enticing: 81% of smart-phone users interact with mobile media while shopping
  • Powerful: Messages are delivered directly to a prospect's cell phone
  • Immediate: A text message advertisement can be sent in seconds
  • Effective: Text message advertising has a response rate of 20-70%
  • Strategic: Segment audience based on inerest by specific keywords.